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Who am I ?

Hey I’m Justin. I’m a passionate learner and a hard worker. I con- sider myself as a determined person. I always try to improve myself and other people’s lives.

During my apprenticeship, I acquired programming and design skills. My free time is fully dedicat- ed to trying out and learning new technologies.

My hobbies are : programming, thaï boxing, skiing, fitness and video editing. As a very curious person, travelling the world is one of my biggest dreams.

Main skills

  • PHP
  • JS
  • CSS / HTML
  • Java
  • Android
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress
  • Unity
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High school ST-Michel

2011 - 2013

I dropped out of high school after 1.5 years when I realised I had other ambitions.

EPAI Computer scientist

2013 - 2017

I obtained a Federal Vocation education and training diploma and a professional maturity


School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg

2013 - 2017

While being employed in a development office, I created a lot of Web applications in PHP and I learned much about design and mobile applications.


2017 - 2018

Since my apprenticeship is over, I work as a freelancer. I mainly build websites for individuals and companies.

Geodis Irlande

2018 - 7 months

I started as an intern at Geodis since the 14 of January. Two months later, they offered me a full time position. I’m helping my coworkers with basic duties and programming with Powershell to automate laborious and long tasks.

What am I doing

Web Design

I create responsive website with trending design. I manly use Wordpress to allow my clients to manage their website

Mobile Application
I create Android and iOS application
Icon Drawing

I help my clients to realise their graphical image

Management Application
I develop information management systems. For example, an application that lists an inventory
PC Duilding
I mount custom PCs for gamers or install workstations at home
Private Lessons
Passionate about the transmission of knowledge, I give development courses as well as information about computers